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Wide array of products to choose

We offer a wide array of rolling steel doors to meet the most demanding fire safety standards, unusual opening sizes and discerning aesthetic requirements.


Let us provide the right doors for your building. Our experienced staff will install, repair or offer maintenance for any type of door you may choose.

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Complete line of commercial door systems

We offer a complete line of commercial door systems for virtually any application of industrial and commercial buildings. Our insulated steel garage doors provide energy efficiency and reliable service under demanding conditions.

At Nelson Overhead Door, we stand behind our work and our products.

Commercial door services

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We offer commercial door repairs on all brands plus a

2-year warranty on parts

and labor.

 •  Aluminum doors

 •  Insulated steel garage doors

 •  Non-insulated steel garage doors

 •  Service doors

 •  Fire doors

 •  Customized doors and security doors

 •  Industrial and Commercial garage doors

Indoor repair of garage